This paper will study the effects of multiple repurposed raw materials for reinforcement in a standard carbon black based thermoset rubber formulation. The materials will be: a) carbon black as the standard, b) pyrolysis carbon black (recovered), c) ground tire rubber (both ambient & cryogenic), and d) styrene butadiene elastomer (SBE) manufactured & processed by EFG Polymers LLC, from ground tires as a starting point and chemically treated for regeneration. The materials will be evaluated in a general factorial based design of experiments (DOE) to determine the “statistically significant” effects. Attempts will be made to balance the elastomer & carbon black content in all formulations. The testing will include process & viscosity data from the Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA) using ASTM D6204. Additionally, the cured & dynamic properties will be studied also with the RPA using ASTM D6601 & ASTM D8059 (Payne Effect). A final attempt will be made to generate a cost based analysis where performance properties vs. cost will be shown in a desirability function based approach.