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(Polymer Modified Asphalt Paving)

EFG SBE-PMAP (Styrene Butadiene Elastomer-Modified Asphalt Paving) is a high quality engineered elastomer designed for achieving performance grade requirements in polymer modified asphalt paving applications.

EFG engineered elastomers are manufactured from post consumer and post industrial waste rubber. EFG certifies at least 85% reactivated content. EFG SBE-PMAP builds on the styrene butadiene backbone for elastomeric modification while also delivering the benefits of reinforcing carbon black, antioxidants and antiozonants.

​Contractors using EFG SBE-PMAP have confirmed that binders containing our product maintain a stable viscosity during application and when stored prior to application. Mixing of the elastomer doesn’t require a shear mill and the product stays in suspension. EFG SBE-PMAP has a long residency time without degradation.

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Additional Product Information

  • Packaging: Available in Supersacks, Low Melt Bags, or Bulk Containers
  • ​Customers have formulated various PG binders including 76-10​ to 82-22 using 100% EFG SBE-PMAP.
  • Product has been applied in hot mix, chip and fog seal, scrub seal, chip and PPM seal projects.
  • EFG elastomers have a very long shelf life.
  • Quick and easy blending, maintains dispersion and viscosity.
  • Significantly longer stable holding time, allowing for longer hauling distances.
  • EFG can offer sustainability, price and supply stability through long-term contracts.