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President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fimrite has been a self-employed entrepreneur for in excess of 40 years. His principal activity for the past 25 years has been focused on rubber recycling and other environmental initiatives. Mr. Fimrite has extensive experience in real estate development, operations management, oil and gas exploration and production, corporate reorganization, financial administration, financial systems design, general management, public company administration, data processing, auditing and business education. Elroy has a business degree from the University of Alberta, Canada, was a professional management accountant and has extensive experience in Management, Planning and Control of Information Systems.

Commencing in 1996, Elroy became involved in the tire recycling industry, founding a company that acquired rights to a unique commercially viable devulcanization technology. During the past five years Elroy and his team have developed advanced versions of the technology to produce multiple engineered elastomers for application in different market segments and has developed a fully automated high volume production facility. Elroy has developed a unique network of business relationships throughout the USA, Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and China. He is recognized as an international expert in rubber recycling and has been a member of ETRA, the European Tyre Recycling Association for most of the past twenty years.