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Board of Directors Member

Carl is a senior executive with over forty years marketing and upper management experience in both private and public companies. As a successful entrepreneur, Carl founded three start-up companies, developed and maximized their value, sold two of them and took the third company public. As founder, CEO, President and Chairman of Homeowners Association of America, Carl directed the development of the largest member association in the real estate industry with 27,000 realty firms and 247,000 sales agents, participating in one in every four resale homes sold in America.

Through the application of integrated distribution channels, Carl directed the business model resulting in generating in excess of $200 million in revenues annually. Carl was also founder and CEO of two offshore captive insurance companies and a publicly traded United Kingdom Marketing Firm. As CEO of a multi-national company, Carl created innovative insurance products that gained number one market status. Carl brings a great deal of experience to the Board, having served (and currently serving) serving on the boards of: Inc. (1997-Present-public NYSE), Landstar Inc., C.I.S. UK, Ultra Strip Inc., Netstaff Inc., CeleXx Corp., Inc, SeaPlanes Inc., and PhyloMed Inc.