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EFG Polymers markets engineered elastomers manufactured by EFG using substantial post-consumer and post-industrial materials. The EFG engineered products are elastomeric compounds that deliver exceptional properties, consistency, sustainability, and significant economic value to our customers.

‚ÄčOur strong technical support and global footprint allow us to provide reliable supply, extensive expertise and sustainable high-quality products. This enables our clients to enjoy price, and supply stability while pushing the boundaries of sustainability and innovation.


Board of Directors

Executive Team

International Executive Team

Our executive management team brings critical talent and experience to the industry of rubber. Several members of the management group have long involvement in the rubber recycling industry. The combined experience of our team is the why behind our business.

The EFG Commitment

The EFG commitment to all our stakeholders is that all EFG associates will strive hard to deliver these values everyday for the benefit of our customers, employees, investors, owners, and society.

Multiple Facilities

EFG will operate multiple facilities to ensure continuity of supply in large volumes.

Benefit Sharing

EFG will monitor market economics to ensure that EFG, our customers and their customers share the economic benefits available using EFG engineered elastomers.

Market Fairness

EFG will deliver supply chain stability in a market segment often disrupted by price and supply fluctuations as our source materials are not polymer market dependent.


EFG will certify that all products contain more than 85% recovered materials.


EFG will ensure that all products will deliver promised properties within industry norms of variability.


EFG will ensure that all products will deliver consistency within industry norms of variability.

Customer Support

EFG will provide continuous technical support to assist customers with any problems emerging as the client uses EFG materials in conjunction with other ingredients.

Economic Fairness

EFG will treat all customers fairly only providing economic advantage to early users and customers assisting EFG with market development and innovation.

Market Economics

EFG does not depend on subsidies, grants or artificial economics in delivering long-term price stability and price advantages to customers. We deliver supply chain stability in a market segment often disrupted by price and supply fluctuations.

Our Labs

At EFG Polymer we strive to work closely with our customers to provide solutions and enhance your product performance and profitability. With a strategically combined technical team, a new level of expertise, coupled with significant lab resources, we have the capability to provide our customers with accurate and timely results.

Our Facility

EFG Texas facility is designed to keep up with the demand from our supply chain and customers. Built strategically our Bay City Texas facility is capable to ship nationally by the truckload, barge or rail service.

Our Products

EFG engineered elastomers are designed to provide increased properties and sustainability. Our goal is to ensure that our customers have the highest quality of products based on application requirements.